Residential IT Services

On-Site Tech Support

Why come to us when we can come to you? Maybe you’re having issues with your WIFI or internet connection, or maybe your printer is acting up. Let us come to you and fix your issues on the spot!

Remote Tech Support

Wherever you are, with our remote support software we can assist with your computer issues without you having to leave your seat! Watch us fix your issue from the comfort of your home.

PC and MAC Repairs

Malware issues got you down? Computer running slow, or not powering up? We have the tools and knowledge to diagnose your issues and get you up and running quickly and painlessly.

Automated Maintenance

Enjoy added security for your computer and keep things running smoothly with our monthly maintenance plans. We use the latest technologies to monitor your systems around the clock, improve security, and prevent stressful problems.


Do you have wifi dead zones in your house? Our wifi solutions will paint your entire home in wifi so you can enjoy the internet wherever you are.

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